Meet Art Art Art! #MetGala2017

There’s some feeling that art gives me which I doubt I can ever explain completely. It’s like this kick; a rush of adrenaline, a looong breath of fresh fresh fresh pure air!

MetGala always has our beautiful stars getting dressed up in different shades of artistic colour. We are always served with breathtaking patterns; like a recreation of the colour wheel! From dresses, to shoes, to makeup to accessories, they always slay slay slay on the red carpet (well blue for this year..we are okay with 

This year’s theme Rei Kawakubo / Comme Des Garcons: Art of the In-Between was inline with the C.D.G brand’s “avant garde” mantra. This gave designers/celebrities the chance to be experimental with their outfits in any direction of their choice! Fab fab fab idea!

Check out the outfits that blew me away.

Riri! People! Just take a minute to take in every inch of her style. Bad Bad Bad Gal!! And yes she WAS the Gala!

Blake Blake Blake why do you always have to look soo effortlessly hot hot hot!!

And her hot beau complimented by donning a cute blue bow tie.

Cassie: Baby tell me if you like it

Sean Combs: You’re making me dizzy.Let me lie down


And his outfit had a majestic halo effect.

John Snow’s beautiful sister…welll she looked as stunning and as white as snow for her debut at the gala.

Selena and The Weekend wore “cute couple” reaaallly well.

I guess Jaden Smith is going to be keeping his chopped dreads until he decides to grow it back.Black on Black on Black did not look bad on the young man at all.

Nick Jonas and Michael; soo fresh and clean!

Super heroes fly with their capes. Ruth stayed fly on the carpet with her cape!

Say hi to Rita who graced the carpet with an aura of iconic fashion.

Priyanka looked stunning and mysterious in her ensemble.

MetGala: Olivia you know the theme right. You have an outfit?

Olivia Pope: It’s handled

The men looked Dapper. The Ladies looked chic. A great exhibit of Art indeed!

We definitely met art at the gala!


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