Nessie: Queen Of Elegance

When you mention Nessie Nana Ayiwa Fiagbe, three things come to mind; Food, Travel and Fashion!I’ll just pick the third of the trio and let your mind travel around the rest; food for thought(pun intended..lmaoo)

Anyway, Nessie has an interesting style.

She loves colour and she loves to jump on trends; favorable ones that is!

“I believe in comfortability as well as style when it comes to dressing up. Never choose one over the other”

Let me start from the top. She’s not a big fan of short hair but she tried it recently and it was not bad at all. I would say she probably thinks pixie cuts do not look too great on her but this is how it came out!

And this is what she had to say about her hairstyling;

“I choose hairstyles based on the shape of my face 🙂. I have a round big head with a big ass forehead , beautiful huge eyes and yummy lips !🤣😩”

Clothes; well Nessie loves everything and anything! So long as it looks amazing and elegant on her(the keyword is elegant). Trust me, she dons the right outfit for the right event.

“Not all styles that are in vogue work with my features so I don’t rely entirely on trends…I keep an eye out for looks that enhance my features , bring out the good things God blessed me with and also styles that are easy to manage since I’m always going somewhere! #Always”.

She gains some weight(after eating all the fancy foods she loves), she knows exactly the set of clothes to wear.She sheds the weight, she knows exactly what to wear.

“I don’t wear a dress if it doesn’t fit right/ or compliment me well just because it’s trendy. Goal is to look good effortlessly not struggling to breath or fear of my zipper bursting.”

Reason we’ve been friends for soo long; we think along the same lines; Look effortlessly elegant but be simple and comfortable while doing it!

She says..

“With heels I have one rule; If I can’t dance in them I’m not paying for them!”

And I agree!

I have known this bebe for a couple of years now. I love her approach and enthusiasm towards everything in this life!

Her favorite saying….

Is what she lives by and I think a few more people should too.

Wrote this piece because today is her birthday and she deserves to be celebrated. Happy Birthday!Live a long fabulously elegant life!

And Cheers to a life long friendship girl!

Love you!


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