The Michelle Obama STYLE Administration

This year marks the end of 8 years of iconic style of non other than yours truly, the eminent first lady, Michelle Obama. It’s the end, as first lady though, but as Michelle, I know there’s more up her sleeve.
First of, she made sure whatever she wore was always chic, totally appropriate for the occasion(practically set the bar) and most of all Comfortable! When you’re comfortable you rock the clothes better; Paparazzi won’t get pictures of you looking like you want to go to the bathroom..LOL.
Michelle gave cardigans a new purpose. You’d see her rock a knee length dress with a cute matching cardigan pulled up to elbows at one event or dialed it up by making it fancier with a bejeweled cardigan. Cardigans were an integral part of her style and she wore them well.
She loved patterns and predominantly flowery ones.54a7c907b215d_-_elle-06-michelle-obama-birthday-style-elvgettyimages-627706408
Yes, she had love for well established designers; Alexander McQueen, Michael Kors etc. But she also made it a point to wear clothes by emerging designers from across the world.
She mostly accessorized with single or double stranded pearls/statement necklaces and signature thick belts.
Her hair; well let’s just say she’s currently rocking the blunt cut, she’s definitely a fashion icon!
And her breathtaking evening elegance….
Conclusion; she came to Slay. She communicated with fashion. And Yaaasss we heard her loud and clear!

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