The Aisle Dilemma

So sadly, I am missing one of my best bud’s wedding this May…breaks my heart!! I was going to be in a black and white dress with a little spill of bloody mary (in case you were wondering). I don’t know what I was going to do to my hair and all yet. Just my dress was I know it’s going to be an amazing wedding though. Her dress is gorgeous!! I’ll probably do a piece on it after the celebration. All the best Ohemaa..Love you to bits.

Now, I am maid of honour (exciting) for Ama’s wedding in August. And girls being girls (rolling my eyes) have been going back and forth on everything. FYI we have some great colours to play with; Midnight Blue, Crimson and White! We have to make a lot of choices for a lot of things, bridesmaids’ stuff being one of those on the list. I picked a few things (on the bridesmaids’ list) I’d love, if we went with my choices. I am trying to veto everyone’s suggestions by writing mine on here…Loool. Here we go.


I think curly “but a little messy” hair always gives the imperfect…but perfect look. So the bridal train gets chignons made of several soft curls pinned into place. Then each of us can have different front looks; middle part, all pulled back and side part. Yaay or Nah?





Shoes…shoes.. Shoes. I prefer comfortable always so I am not about to walk in some shoes that’ll probably kill my feet. I love two piece high heel sandals but most are uncomfortable. And I don’t seem to be a big fan of three piece ones so I suggest my new found love; the T strap. It’s elegant and equally chic



My thoughts?; Minimal accessories.
Matching hair combs right on top of the thick curly chignon( for the cuteness…and the photos of course ;)) to complete the perfect (imperfect) hair. For earrings, I’d say big crystal clear or pearl studs (p.s I am an eternal lover of studs). I however came across pear drop earrings that’s also very perfect. That’s all the accessories I suggest; minimal.


The flowers’ easy enough. We had to choose between a bouquet of roses or tulips. Bride thought tulips were cool…we shot it So it’s a bouquet of roses. Besides white tulips signify “forgiveness” (which does not suit the occasions so definitely OUT) and red tulips, “love”. On the other hand white roses signify “true love” and red roses, “romance”! I guess you understand our choice now. We are about to mix “true love” with some “romance”.


I vote the nude look; natural looking makeup, which will be finished off with contouring of the cheeks with a bronzer. To add some mystery, we accentuate the eyes by giving it the smoky effect. The innocent but dramatic look is then completed by making the lips pop, with nude matte lipstick.


Basically, these are my thoughts when it comes to the above topics. We are still going back and forth on them daily. We’ll come to a conclusion soon (I hope). I however welcome your thoughts as well. Thanks in advance! There’ll definitely be a sequel to this post after the wedding! I’ll show you all the choices that resulted in a beautiful wedding..and whose suggestions won! 😉



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