5 Reasons Why My 2015 was Splendid

Its been a great year;  a crazy complicated one,  with amazing learning curves. There were soo many trends to jump on; denim, stilettos, body cons, midi everything, matte everything, ombre hair and soo many other very COLOURFUL trends. (I’m sure this year added 50 shades of colours to the rainbow). Amidst all this chaos, I fell in love with some of these trends. Let me drop them here. If you didnt try it this year,  you should definitely add to your 2016 stylesheet.  Most of them are absolutely going to be carried right into it. Trust.

Back to Back
I wore a backless dress to an engagement for the first time and it was super comfortable. I preach comfortable all the time because, well comfortability breeds confidence. My sister discovered this silicon piece;  UnBra and it is amazing;  strapless..backless.. self adhesive.. invisible!! Total freedom! I didnt have to bother about bra straps peeking out every now and then and that was totally awesome. Every lady should have one.


Cat Woman
Sunglasses have always been a part of my accessories; I think it keeps you feeling like you can cameo in The Matrix at any point in time…lol.


I love sunglasses; different shapes, sizes,colour. After seeing the optician during the year as i mentioned earlier, I ended up with a permanent pair. Sucks to have to wear glasses all the time but hey, make the most of it. I took time out to choose trendy frames; cat eyed, and one from my fav; Bvlgari. Now, I dont just have permanent prescribed glasses; I have permanent stunnaz *wink* *wink*.


Ms Flash
Flash tattoos were in vogue and I definitely did have crazy fun with the trend!



Tried out different designs and created my own combinations; I got to try out graffiti with my body as my canvas.

“Pierce” Without Stress
Ear cuffs were a lovely accessory to have!.. Finally we can actually go without multiple piercings and still stunt like we have soo many; the creation of illusions!


Last Cut
So my hair stylist decided to abandon me for 9months and then some;  Problem?: I have trust issues Conclusion?: I couldnt get a hair cut. But she came back before the end of the year (with a pretty little girl:)) and brought my sexy right back!


I am definitely  carrying most of these with me into the new year. I am however already super excited about what the next year is bringing along! Happy Holidays. Enjoy because La vie est  Belle!

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