Lil’ Weekender

So I travelled back home last weekend for a funeral and to just basically spend time with fam. I packed my black dress and a few regular clothes.
After the funeral,  there’s a little “club hang” anddd I don’t have an attire.
My sister let’s me borrow her clothes sometimes but this time she wouldn’t. In the end, I had to agree to get her “her new favourite jumpsuit”, in exchange for borrowing from her (just for a night!.. smh)

Note to self: Definitely always have to pack for the ultimate weekend regardless of the default plans.
I mean, you never know what fun’s lurking in the shadows.

These are a few things I think should always be in your little weekend bag:

The little dress has to pratically be sewn into the weekend bag. You cannot step without it. Cut simple and elegant. Everybody usually has the little black dress which is an essential to a complete wardrobe. I usually prefer that, a flowery pattern or red. Its cute and sexy. That’s what Bey was talking about when she made the song; Freakum Dress.


High heeled sandals or shoes are always a good choice. High enough to complete the outfit,  low enough to be “comfy” regardless of the occasion. Remember you carry just one so choose a colour that works well with all your outfits. Most people choose black to be on the safe side.Let’s switch it up people!  I use to do that too. I’d go for nude, red or royal blue pointed toe stilletos. Colour blocking is the order of the day so you’re fine:)


They are in vogue and super comfortable! I’d stay away from patterns and carry a single-coloured jumpsuit (maybe royal blue or yellow). I love the 70s wide-leg flare jumpsuits; extra comfortable with the vintage touch.


Well, a blazer because its a super-chic fashion item and works well with almost any look. I’d suggest a white one; its a nice neutral colour. Brightens up any outfit.  Carry it along when you rock your little freakum dress. Toss it on your jumpsuit to that sunday event (eg. Wedding)!


Nobody goes without the evening purse so I guess this item’s purpose is a no-brainer. Fold over clutches or envelope clutches that double over as shoulder bags are my all time favourite. And yes… in hot red or nude.


After you’ve chosen all these items, you have to try out the combinations to make sure they match. Colour blocking is dangerous grounds if you dont know the basics.. lol ( monochromatic or colour blocked attires are a go to if you are not sure; mixing it up yourself, you’d have to look into the basic colour wheel)

If they all check out, Bon voyage!

Of course you’ll carry along most of your fashion statement accessories. And its a wrap. Thank me later ;)


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